• Mark Lundholm

  • Internationally Known Comedian, Entertainer, Public Speaker

    Mark Lundholm has been in recovery for more than 26 years, and performing stand-up comedy nearly as long.

    Mark is unquestionably the best-known and most visible comedian/entertainer in the recovery field. He has performed in every state and numerous foreign countries. His one-man off-broadway play, "Addicted" has consistently earned accolades from critics and the public.

    Mark's shows are just as enjoyable whether you are in recovery or are a "Normie."  His humorous observations about life experience touches all of us. 


  • From humble beginnings on the streets of Oakland, California, as a homeless criminal, mental patient, to a world-renowned entertainer, Mark Lundholm’s humor is a wild ride of challenges, changes and 2nd chances.
    Just out of rehab, while performing a 20 Minute comedy routine at San Quentin State Prison, Mark discovered his childhood survival skill of making people laugh was his ticket out. Armed with plenty of material poking fun at the insanity his life had become, Lundholm has worked his way up - literally from the gutter.

    It was not long before Mark garnered the attention of Showtime Comedy, and was given his own special. These routines quickly gained widespread attention. Ultimately Mark’s entire story was produced and an off-Broadway play called “Addicted... a comedy of substance” was born. “Addicted” is quickly making its way around the world. Already in Chicago, Miami, New York, Denver, San Francisco and Nashville, 2011 brings even more – launching “Addicted” in Los Angeles, London and Germany!

    Having performed in all 50 States and 10 foreign countries, including appearances on Comedy Central, Showtime, A&E, NBC, and CBS, Mark Lundholm’s pure, dark look at his past, and clever glimpses of the future make this funny man one of the best. Mark has been hailed as “a younger George Carlin” by the Contra-Costa Times, and The New York Times called him “Riveting... Dark and Funny!” The San Francisco Chronicle said he was “Funny. Cannily rendered... comic precision.” Mark has performed for Eric Clapton, Donald Trump, Jerry Stiller, and former President Ford showing no signs of slowing down!

    Taking the time to give a little back each year, Mark re-visits a handful of jails and prisons, rehab centers, homeless shelters and other places he has lived.

    Mark has numerous stand-up comedy DVDs and CDs, and, more recently, has started producing clinical materials (DVDs and workbooks) bringing a fresh, unique angle to the early-in-recovery addict.  Mark's three-DVD set "Humor in Treatment" clinical product has sold close to 10,000 units, and his recent seven-disk "Family in Treatment" series, one of the only products developed for use in resolving dysfunctional family dynamics, is quickly catching up.  A workbook and clinical guide is available.

    Mark's newest clinical title, Recovery Humor 101, is a fast-paced, 45 minute look at many of the major stumbling blocks that addicts and alcoholics face early in recovery, and also has a workbook and clinical guide.