• J. Morris

  • J. Morris is on a trajectory to change the face, feel and sound of music.

  • With an uncompromised work ethic and sincerity for the authenticity of music, this well-versed singer, song writer and percussionist has the power to alleviate the nostalgia for the real melodic experience the industry craves. “My heart is with the independent artist. I believe a dope artist should never be a starving artist.”


    Born in Augusta, Georgia, his family relocated to Virginia, where he spent his childhood. His bond with the arts was solidified when he became a church drummer as a youth—that’s where the foundation was built. Always musically inclined and admittedly shy, he finally gained the confidence to pursue a career full-time singing after being selected for a 2006 Army Soldier Tour. The tour served as a catalyst for his career transitioning from behind the scenes and into the spotlight—and in front of the microphone.


    Largely due to the tone of his voice, J. has been compared to the likes of another extremely talented artists, and while it’s humbling and complimentary, he’s comfortable in his own lane. Composing songs that provoke thoughts and actions, he is dedicated to building a career on positive energy. Expressing himself using optimism to communicate emotion remains a top priority.


    As a new artist his resume boasts impressive collaborations with Grammy winning song writers and producers— gaining knowledge simultaneously reminding him to stay focused. Citing Louis Armstrong, Bilal, Kanye, Luther and Ray as his original musical influences, he strives to become a respected and understood singer. Truly a lover of people, he also hopes to enrich the human experience with his efforts.


    Now residing in Atlanta, the young entrepreneur is continuously expanding his brand. Morris attends the SAE Institute for audio engineering and continues to pen hits for other artists. In 2015 J. looks forward to putting the finishing touches on his own debut album, expanding his catalog and launching a multi-city tour.